Old Garden Hoses

A Tested Small Lightweight Garden Hose

Old Garden HosesTo many a hose is a means of transferring water from the house to the garden, the car, or to hose down themselves and have a drink on a hot day. Take a closer look at the hose you own, it may have been unwise to buy the first hose that you came across.

Many hoses are big and bulky and moving them around is a problem. If you look at reviews of small lightweight garden hose, you will see that one of the most commented-on features is the ability to carry and store them without difficulty.

You want to be able to fit your hose in a small space so it should wind into a nice, compact unit. Unfortunately, this is not the case with most hoses. At best, they will take up a few square yards when wound.

Old Garden Hose AttackAging seniors take up gardening to keep themselves busy. If they have a hose that is heavy, especially with water weight, it can be difficult for them to use and can even cause injuries.

You want a garden hose that is non-toxic, as most hoses come with brass fittings that contain lead. Many hose materials have been tested for chemicals and have been found to contain them at high, unsafe levels.

The Clear Flow Garden Hose

If you want a hose that is easy to move around you will not get one better than the Clear Flow Garden Hose. This small garden hose is the best in the market. It distinguishes itself for several reasons:

It is flat; once all the water has discharged it collapses into a flat shape making it very easy to fold and keep away.

It is lightweight even with water this hose is still pretty light. It would be a great gardening tool for anyone with spine issues.

Because of its shape it will not destroy your plants as you move about watering them.

It is made of Polyurethane which is one of the toughest materials known to man. Of all lightweight garden hoses, this one probably has the longest lifespan.

It doesn’t have any metallic fittings so there is no risk of contamination from lead or other chemicals.

It addresses one of the biggest problems with hoses: bacteria and algae. Opaque hoses are home to lots of toxins because they retain water. The Clear Flow is transparent. When the sun shines on it any bacteria and algae is killed off.

Many urban grown veggies contain high levels of lead because of the kinds of hoses that are used to water them. Let’s start avoiding that completely.

Try the Clear Flow® and see what a difference it makes in your garden, and in your daily, summer life.