Benefits Of Having A Lightweight Garden Hose

Clear Flow Hose NoticeYear after year people around the world replace the same old, tired green garden hoses that crack or break. Hauling them inside for the winter months can be a real chore, especially if the person has mobility problems. It would be ideal then for these individuals, to own ultralight garden hoses that’re easily portable, yet long enough and durable enough to survive outdoors. Even without disabilities having a garden hose that doesn’t require heaving it all over the yard would be a boon to homeowners.

There are a number of products to address these issues, with accordion-like designs and small form factors that automatically drain. The problem with many of these is that while they do their job, they do not do it well enough. There still tends to be residual water left in the hose after it retracts and with a longer hose that weight adds up. If the owner suffers from back problems, taking it indoors can seem like a daunting task and leaving a typical garden hose outdoors to the elements will damage it over time. Even devices like crank operated hose organizers require a substantial amount of strength to properly use.

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Lightweight Hoses are Good For The Environment

There is a better solution. The Clear Flow garden hose operates on the same premise as the other lightweight hoses that state they automatically drain to reduce weight, but unlike those products, the Clear Flow garden hose actually drains all the water from itself. Combine that with a lightweight polyurethane body and simple fittings means that when the hose needs to be moved, it’s virtually hassle free.

Another concern in regards to lightweight expandable hoses is their carbon footprint. A typical cheap lightweight garden hose is made from a lot of rubber and plastics that don’t biodegrade. The Clear Flow garden hose is made from one hundred percent recyclable materials, and is the only garden hose on the market to be able to make that claim. If for some reason this hose needs to be disposed of, rest assured that it won’t end up clogging up the oceans.

It’s been said for ages that drinking from a garden hose is dangerous, and it’s true. A typical rubber hose has water sitting in it for who knows how long, brewing within the housing. The Clear Flow garden hose has been approved for drinking water by the National Sanitation Foundation, making the Clear Flow garden hose the only hose safe to drink water from. This is a strong point for campers who could easily bring this hose along with them and their RV for outdoor excursions to more easily drink and transport water.

  • Clear Flow™ Garden Hose 5/8″ID
  • Starting At:
  • $39.95
  • Available Sizes
  • 25′, 50′, 75′ & 100′
  • Pressure Rating: 90psi
    Burst Test: to 230psi

Lightweight Garden Hose At A Cheap Price? You Get What You Pay For

There are many replacements out there for that tired old green garden hose. The Clear Flow hose is a light professional garden hose that combines a strong build design with feather light components, and the convenience of extreme portability. Whether it’s used for campers, RVs, the elderly, anyone with mobility issues, or just someone tired of replacing hose after hose, the Clear Flow garden hose is clearly the best choice.

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