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Palmate Features the Clear Flow in a Lightweight Hose Review

We have clearly won over a fan. Pete Bowes from Palmate Gardening has reviewed garden hoses and watering hoses, among other garden products on their company website. We discussed in a previous post that the Clear Flow Garden Hose was featured in their top five garden hose review. We were directed to this review by a customer, and upon exploring the Palmate Website further, we found a previous review on lightweight garden hoses, in which the Clear Flow was more heavily reviewed by Pete and his wife Elaine. Both list their recommendations for use and application of the product, and we are certainly interested in speaking with them.

Here is an excerpt from their review. Elaine says:

I absolutely love this hose — and I know my husband has grumbled about the manageability, but for what I do in the garden on a daily basis, it is quite close to perfect. It is fully recyclable. I hope to one day understand how and why… and while in some ways a regular garden hose may suffice to help you water the plants in your lawn and garden, you need to know that you have better alternatives, especially if a light weight hose option is necessary.

Quick Update: Pete and Elaine Bowes from Palmate Gardening have reached out to us and we are scheduling a call to discuss the hose and it’s application at their greenhouse and home. More to come…

lightweight garden hose review

Clear Flow is Lightweight and Drinking Safe!