Clear Flow™ Hose: Frequently Asked Questions

A: The Clear Flow™ provides the best solutions for bacteria and algae prevention by self-discharging excess water. It is also completely clear which allows UV light to penetrate the hose and help eliminate any bacteria/algae build up.

A: The Clear Flow™ comes fully assembled and ready for use.

A: You can use this hose in all seasons and there are great properties that make it the best option for summer use. The clear polyurethane design allows UV light to pass through the material and the water. Unlike traditional opaque or colored rubber hoses the Clear Flow™ does not heat up in the sunlight. The water does not excessively heat up, either.

A: The easiest way to wind your hose is to turn off the water source, remove the nozzle, and wind with your own arms.

A: The common concern from RV customers is if the hose will loose it’s flat integrity if left charged for long periods of time at high pressures. This was seen for pressures above 80psi (some Mountain states can reach 100psi) and a 50 or 60psi regulator is recommended.

A: If the hose is wound tightly you can use a velcro strap to hold the wind together, or hang the hose on a hook. There are compatible hose reels out there and previous customers have had success with extension cord reels.

A: Not yet. Our product development team is working on one and when it is produced, our current customers will hear about it and receive special offers.

A: Yes, Clear Flow Hose can be used with any attachment (spray nozzle, stand alone sprinkler, oscillating sprinklers, etc.) but water must be controlled at the source end for the Clear Flow Hose to drain properly and maintain the flat shape that facilitates draining.

Clear Flow Hose is not recommended for use with sprinkler systems that operate with a solenoid valve right at the sprinkler as this keeps pressure in the hose and make the hose round. Losing its flat shape will mean the hose will no longer be self-draining.

A: Yes. We recommend that you wind your Clear Flow Hose onto the reel while it is pressurized and then drain it. This will assure the hose has enough room while on the reel to fill with water, so the next time you want to use it you won’t need to unwind the entire hose if you don’t want to. If you wind the flat, empty hose onto the reel, you’ll need to unwind it all before using it.

A: If you purchase the hose through send us a message through Amazon contact email or If purchase through Home Hardware in Canada, they will handle the issue you are having with the hose.

A: We are hard at work perfecting the contractor hose, building a plan to release the hose around the end of the year.

A: The demand has been overwhelming and humbling, and we are constantly making hoses in all four lengths to keep them in stock. Amazon is currently the only place to purchase in the US.

A: The assembled hose is not a certified product by the NSF, although we are taking the steps to achieve that product certification in 2016. However, the hose materials are comprised of NSF approved materials and are potable water and drinking water safe.


Clear Flow™ Hose: Downloadable PDF’s

Download: Must Read Instructions
Download: Hose Assembly Instructions
Download: Spanish Instructions