What can the Clear Flow™ Water Hose be used for?

Roger C. Walsh

Inventor of the Clear Flow™

Tough enough for gardening, agriculture, farm, livestock and horses

RV camping, boats, nurseries, construction sites, and the food industry.

Clear Flow™ Contractor is a High Pressure, Heavy Duty , Light weight, Water Hose

This is the first winter no-freeze contractor hose. This hose is ultra tough, flexible and kink resistant! It’s transparent polyurethane design allows the sun’s UV rays to penetrate the hose and helps prevent algae and bacteria growth. It is widely used in the agricultural industry and is drinking water safe for humans, pets, animals and livestock.

Purchase the original Clear Flow™ expandable Garden Hose Online in the USA.

Contractor Hose Not Available Until April 2016.

It comes in 35′, 60′, 100′ and 120′ (foot) lengths. This expandable hose has a 100psi rating at 3/4”DI. ***Custom lengths can be made on request.

Are you in Canada? Purchase in-store at your local Home Hardware. Store locator HERE.

No Freeze Water Hose because it’s Clear and Expands!

There’s a number winter uses for construction, farm or people that work in cold conditions. Even if you forget to discharge the hose after use and the water freezes inside it will not damage it. The UV light will melt the ice over time or if you are needing the hose immediately you can dunk the fittings in hot water. This will thaw the contractor hose fittings and you can reconnect it to the water source. The water pressure will expand the hose and eject all the ice build up. It’s freeze proof to temperatures as low as minus 14 degrees Fahrenheit. Truly, the first ever freeze proof hose!

This heavy duty water hose is exceptional and can be rolled using any commercial garden hose reel or industrial reel. Some rural consumers purchase the Contractor Hose as their indestructible garden hose, perfect for their greenhouses and livestock, RV’s and camping trips.

This Flat, Expanding Contractor Hose is Polyurethane Tough

Take the heavy lifting out of the job with the Clear Flow™ Contractor’s hose. One-hundred feet of traditional rubber water hose can weigh up to 35 pounds. The 120ft clear flowing, lightweight contractor hose, with the water discharged, can weigh only five pounds! It’s sturdy, no kink and durable materials comes with a 10 year warranty.

This product is perfect for around the farm or in agricultural settings. Do you have troubles getting water to your livestock water trough? Are you serving your horses, pets and livestock water from rubber garden hoses? This could be poisoning the animal and your food. The Clear Flow™ Contractor hose is clear and allows the UV light to keep bacteria and algae at bay. Also, all of the materials used to construct this product are lead free and NSF drinking water approved.

Meet the Inventor of the Clear Flow™ Water Hose: Roger Walsh

“The magic with this hose is when it stretches to expand with the water flow. The polyurethane has an excellent memory to close and empty itself and a flat hose design forces the water out to keep it light weight. This water hose is flexible and kink resistant, and it features crush proof and lead free nylon fittings.

You can use it to water livestock or wash the salt of your car or maintain your backyard hockey rink. If it freezes it can thaw itself out in minutes with no damage to the hose or fittings. Its even drinking water safe since the sunlight passes through the clear material to helps control bacteria and algae levels. I love our product for it’s many unknown applications, like irrigation systems: having a high quality and strong material to transport water is key, but it has to also be safe. Our materials work excellent as an irrigation hose, just one of the outside-of-the-box uses that I love to share.”

They Only Lightweight Polyurethane Contractor Water Hose on the Market

The Polyurethane material is inert and better than a water bottle so you don’t have to worry about your kids or pets when they drink from it. The clear body blends in and gives your yard and garden that ideal and clean look. It stores easily in your boat or RV and it’s tough enough for farm use and it is entirely recyclable. Buy this one-of-a-kind lay flat discharge hose and you will not be disappointed!


contractor lightweight garden hose

  • Clear Flow™ Contractor Hose
  • Starting At:
  • $42.95
  • Available Sizes
  • 35′, 60′, 100′ & 120′
  • Pressure Rating: 100psi
    Burst Test: to 240psi