Find Out What People Are Saying About Clear Flow™ Hose

I live full-time in an RV.  In February, my husband passed away after a long term illness.  It has been my responsibility to manage everything for sometime but even more so now.. I was searching for a safe water hose, less likely to freeze in our moderate Tennessee weather, when I discovered the Clear-Flow Garden Hose.  I ordered two and immediately hooked one up.  To my dismay, a hole blew out in the hose! I called the number on the packaging and talked with some very nice people who asked me to check the water pressure coming into my unit and said they would send a replacement immediately. 

When I checked the pressure, it was way over the limit at about 100psi.  I installed a simple pressure regulator, which probably saved my pipes from future damage.  But, more interesting, was the ease of repairing the damaged water hose.  When talking with their customer service, they advised me of how easy it is to repair these hoses, so I tried it and found it exactly as they said.  Never seen a water hose before so easily repaired without buying a single item.  Just use the same ends after cutting out the damaged place and Voila!! Works perfectly! I am almost 70 years old.  If I can do it, anyone can!  That, plus knowing I have safe drinking water without the toxins of rubber hoses was a win win!  

Thanks Roger Walsh for developing this awesome product, saving my pipes, and being so kind and helpful in the process! 

“I stake my reputation on your satisfaction with the Clear Flow™ Garden Hose.” A Mark’s Choice product, available across Canada in Home Hardware stores in your area.

“If you are an organic gardener trying to do everything right… avoiding fertilizers and pesticides, you are still spraying harmful substances into your soil by using untested hose products.”

“The hose sprung NO LEAKS even after a very intimate encounter with a snow-blower. Thank you for making such a durable product!”

It is so light!!! Feather light! It doesn’t kink, and if it does, it unkinks itself! Without water in it, the hose is flat, when the water comes through, it becomes round. It takes up no room for storage! I picked up two of these hoses. They are in the USA and have a life time warranty on them. Highly recommend these hoses!!!!