Toxic Garden Hose

Clear Flow: The Best Toxin Free Garden Hose in the Market

Toxic Garden HoseHave you ever stopped to think what kinds of toxins bacteria, algae and more – may be crawling around in your garden hose? This is not something that many people consider. The truth is that unless you have invested in a toxin free drinking hose you probably have a health hazard sitting in your yard. Ordinary garden hoses, the opaque kind, are home to multiple toxins. Every time you use them some water is left inside. When the sun heats them, they become a great environment for algae, bacteria and other filth to breed. Every time you take a drink from it, water your garden or water your pet you are taking a risk. In Addition to harmful toxins, ordinary garden hoses also come with the following risks:

Most garden hoses contain lead. Every time you douse yourself and have a drink from an ordinary garden hose you are risking lead contamination.

It isn’t only drinking from your hose that is risky. A study in 2003 found that the amount of lead in vegetables grown in urban areas and watered using garden hoses was enough to contribute to the human body burden of lead.

BPA, another harmful chemical, is commonly used in the materials that are used for making garden hoses. Exposure can lead to problems with cognition and even prostrate function.

A toxic water hose can also be caused by phthalate which is a material that is used to make hoses flexible. As your hose bakes in the sun on hot days, the chemicals in this material are slowly released and over time the levels rise.

The Clear Flow Garden Hose

If you feel like these are too many risks to take you will be happy to know that the Clear Flow toxin free water hose is a great solution. This hose, as the name implies, is made of clear Polyurethane. This means that when your hose is sitting out in the yard the heat from the sun penetrates and kills all bacteria, algae and any other creepy-crwalies that may be growing in it. This toxin free drinking hose comes with additional advantages:

Polyurethane is such a tough material that it can last for 50 years. Once you invest in this hose you can be sure that it will last a while. It is so strong that running over it with your car doesn’t do any damage.

It has no fittings which means that the risk of lead and BPA poisoning is eliminated.

All the materials that are used to make this PVC-free garden hose have been tested and found to be safe. The national Sanitation Foundation has listed it as the safest hose manufactured in the United States.

This is one of the top garden hoses for those who are concerned about saving their environment. The entire hose is recyclable which eliminates waste.

The hose is designed to empty itself completely when the water source is turned off there is no moisture left behind to promote growth of any kind.

Your vegetable garden, your pets and your kids will be a lot safer with this toxin free drinking hose. Order your Clear Flow hose today!

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