100 foot garden hose

Clear Flow Hose Featured on Palmate’s Garden Blog

It was brought to our attention that our hose has been featured on a top three (3) list again, and this time it was a US-based company called Palmate Gardening. It was brought to our attention by Aimee72, so thank you Aimee. Here is an excerpt from the August 2016 post:

There isn’t any such thing as one kind of watering hose being perfect for everyone. The garden hose that will work for you typically depends on how large your yard or property is that you will be using it for, what exactly you are planning to do with the hose, and how it will be stored (on a reel, in a shed, etc.), and what your budget looks like. When gardening, age and health are factors that you need to consider. In general, there are six main things that you need to consider when choosing a water hose: the fittings (male and female), the strength, the flexibility, the material(s) it is made of, the length and diameter of said product.

In a previous article, I reviewed the reasons why our top picks for 3 best garden hoses made our list, along with the features that need to be considered when buying a new garden hose. This was done in order to make sure you, the consumer, was aware of the top benefits and most frequently discussed drawbacks when choosing a quality product.

Our picks are all products that I’ve fortunately been able to use every day. So they are my biased selections and based on the overall considerations that are listed above, I consider them to be the finest water hoses. Go ahead and try any of the three out and I’m sure it will be a positive experience for you, and the hose will hopefully last for a number of seasons. I also included those Amazon reviews that really stood out for me. Note: I did avoid the 1-star reviews on Amazon; those ones tend to be from customers that are beyond assistance from customer care, or are the low percentage of consumers that had a defective product.

If a garden hose is of high quality, it should last for 5 to 10 years (and also have a warranty that comes with it). However, numerous homeowners who buy low quality garden hoses end up needing to replace it each year due to bursting, cracks or rot. If you are fairly handy, you will be able to repair some problems. However, buying a good quality hose from the very start is much more cost-effective.

It gratifies us at Clear Flow to see the product go under such constructive criticism and testing. The original long-form product review is here. We have reached out to Pete from Palmate and have yet to receive a response. Updates to come.