What can the Clear Flow™ Water Hose be used for?

Roger C. Walsh

Inventor of the Clear Flow™

Tough enough for gardening, agriculture, farm, livestock and horses

RV camping, boats, nurseries, construction sites, and the food industry.

The Best Water Hose for Your Garden


Units Sold Across North America

After 10 years of testing and certification the one-of-a-kind Clear Flow™ Water Hose is finally available in the USA Online, and in Home Hardware in Canada.


Warning: cheap knock-offs are made from sub-standard, off-shore materials. Look for the Clear Flow™ trademark to guarantee high-quality product made in the USA.

It is Drinking Water Safe

This non-toxic, non-leach product is made from tested and approved materials. The flexible, clear polyurethane hose = clear passage for UV rays that help kill toxins, algae and bacteria growth.

It is Self-Draining

Flat-to-round memory makes it the best expandable garden hose that forces water to drain. This discharge hose is no freeze and there’s no water build up. 100 feet of Contractor retractable garden hose weighs ONLY 6lbs!

Compact and Ultra-lite

The flat polyurethane design allows the hose to self-discharge, making it is the best lightweight garden hose on the market!


Polyurethane is one of the toughest materials known to man, durable in hot and cold climates (winter-proof to 14F without windchill). This flat hose remains flexible until -40.

Kink Release and Sturdy

No leak crush proof, freeze resistant and lead free nylon hose fittings. It is a great high pressure water hose and can claim the title as the best garden hose in the world!

It is so light!!! Feather light! It doesn’t kink, and if it does, it unkinks itself! Without water in it, the hose is flat, when the water comes through, it becomes round. It takes up no room for storage! I picked up two of these hoses. They are also made in the USA . Highly recommend these hoses!!!!

“The hose sprung NO LEAKS even after a very intimate encounter with a snow-blower. Thank you for making such a durable product!”

Contaminated Water from Build-up? That familiar rubber smell?

Water build up in traditional water hoses becomes stagnant, and within the darkness of the tube toxins and algae can build up. In the USA almost every water hose fails to meet drinking water standards.

They are unregulated and hazardous. Children and their parents, our animals and our gardens don’t have to drink from these conditions anymore! The Clear Flow™ compact water hose is lead free and drinking water safe. It is the best kink release garden hose on the market and backed by expert and consumer testimonials.

The Clear Flow™ brand will be recognized at every home as the best water hose!

“If you are an organic gardener trying to do everything right… avoiding fertilizers and pesticides, you are still spraying harmful substances into your soil by using untested hose products.”

“I stake my reputation on your satisfaction with the Clear Flow™ Garden Hose.”

The Ecology Center based out of Ann Arbor, Michigan, conducted tests on water coming from the standard rubber garden hose and they found neurotoxins, lead and endocrine disruptors, especially in older rubber garden hoses.

They interfere with hormonal and reproductive development. Google+

Clear Flow™ Garden Hose and Contractor Hose

Amazon.com: Now Available Online in the USA

The Clear Flow™ Water Hose is made of materials from the USA

  • Type
  • Diameter
  • Pressure Rating
  • Burst Tested
  • Freeze Resistant (w/o windchill)
  • Clear Flow™ Garden Hose
  • 5/8″ (inches)
  • 90psi
  • to 230psi
  • to -14F
  • Clear Flow™ Farm/Contractor Hose
  • 3/4″ (inches)
  • 100psi
  • to 240psi
  • to -14F
  • Clear Flow™ Industrial Hose
  • 7/8″ (inches)
  • 120psi
  • to 330psi
  • to -14F

Download: Must Read Instructions

Download: Hose Assembly Instructions

Clear Flow™ Water Hose is Available for Purchase in all Canadian Home Hardware Stores!

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