Water Regulation Policies

New Water Regulation Policies Passed For Some Cities

Water Regulation PoliciesA week ago new policies were passed by the district with a 25% add on drought supplement rate. According to Mayor Sam Licardo, he is in support of the policy citing this time as a period of crisis that cannot allow any cowardly action.

Communities in Southern California also witnessed a significant change in their goal expectations. San Diego and Los Angeles had earlier claimed a 20% cut  but were given 16%. San Bernardino will on the other hand have to impose a 32% cut in place of 25% expected.

For the first time in 165 years, California is experiencing the most serious drought as a state.  On April 1, Brown issued the first announcement on compulsory water conservation laws in a media briefing in the green Sierra Nevada pastures. It indicated that during that period of the year is usually coated with snow over 5 feet high.

Every city and agency will have the duty to establish the necessary cuts, either by imposing increased fines, rates or incentives to restrict use.
Mayor Liccardo also launched a proposal to request San Jose City Council on its Tuesday assembly to consider a 30% water reduction mark.

According to his remarks, he said that residents understand that once in a while there would be reasonable distractions of supply in the process of getting a better solution for dependable water supply in the city.

The recommendations are expected to be passed by the county council on Tuesday, if passed, they would regulate watering of lawns across the city whether in homes or business parks. This is in spite of whoever the water provider is, and only allow watering twice weekly i.e Tuesday and Friday for addresses ending with even numbers and Mondays and Thursdays for those ending with odd numbers.
Only public parks, gardening stores, daycare centers and golf courses as well as schools will be left out of this law.

The regulations also forbid refilling of swimming pools and forbid those who would want to put up lawns and non-drought-resistant plants in upcoming installations May through to October with the omission of developments that are under construction.

Liccardo noted that the city planning division will implement the new laws as well as charge fines on those breaking them.

He supposed that most of the inhabitants were playing their role but it was necessary to make sure that all were on the same page.