A Flexible Garden Hose Mounted On a Reel Can Be Convenient

home hardewareWhen you have a garden, it is more than possible that you will have a hose for watering the plants and lawns. Most garden hoses are tubes that convey water from a tap, to the point where it is required in the garden. A flexible hose may be made of rubber, vinyl or polyurethane, though rubber is the one that is most popular, it is not the most safe and durable.

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Polyurethane Flexible Water Hose

To make a hose of the flexible variety, they traditionally had internal fiber webs that adds to the flexibility, while the exteriors would be a smooth-to-handle material. These smooth exteriors allowed hoses full of water-weight to be easily dragged along the ground, and allow them to get past or leave obstructions undamaged such as plants and trees. As technology advanced polyurethane was commonly being used in commercial and industrial applications for its strength. That was why Roger Walsh decided to utilize this material for his flex-able garden hose.

Flexible garden hoses make for one of the simplest methods of irrigating a garden. You can even attach the hose to sprinklers to water a lawn. When you have a large garden, you can have a number of hoses instead of one long length, and have fittings inserted in the ends of the hoses, that enable them to be coupled to each other. This reduces the weight of each hose, when it has to be carried to the garden shed, to be kept away after the watering chores are completed.

Clear Flow™: 100ft large Flexible Hose Distributors

Hoses used for watering gardens can be those that are light duty and which can be handled easily. They can be of medium duty, and these will be more resistant to kinks. Heavy duty hoses will be heavier and will generally have brass couplings at the ends. Most homeowners don’t need to own such a heavy hose, especially one with fittings that potentially contain lead.

100 foot garden hoseThe Clear Flow™ has been designed to suit the work that you want it to take on. This flexible garden water hose is among those that are the most durable. The clarity of the walls of these hoses is such that they permit UV rays in, and this can prevent the growth of bacteria, algae and toxins, which can form inside the hose, due to the constant dampness.

The basic product from which these flex-able hoses are not toxic. These hoses will never freeze, and will always regain their round shape, even when they are flattened by somebody stepping on them. A major advantage with this material is its light weight, and, even 100 feet, which should be enough for most large properties, weighs just 6 pounds. The design makes the hoses flat and this allows the hose to discharge all the water in it. This reduces the chances of any buildup of bacteria or algae. Polyurethane is a material that can be equally well used in hot and cold climates. The material also is resistant to the formation of kinks, and this can be a big help, when you have to maneuver the hose around a garden.

  • Clear Flow™ Garden Hose 5/8″ID
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  • 25′, 50′, 75′ & 100′
  • Pressure Rating: 90psi
    Burst Test: to 230psi