Clear Flow™ Expandable Garden Hose

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There are many factors to consider when purchasing a hose, ranging from diameter, length, the material it is made from, weight, whether it is kink free, how stiff it gets in the cold, how hot it gets in the heat, and color. Many hoses do not deliver on their promises. You end up with hoses that kink easily and stay kinked, freeze because draining is difficult, produce a ‘chemical slime’ that encourages bacteria growth, and are easily damaged. Here is a Clear Flow™ Flat-to-Round Garden hose review that will help you choose the hose that meets all your specific needs and more.

Features:  Freeze-resistant, flat-to-round hose memory discharges water after use, made from NSF-approved polyurethane, durable materials — more than twice the tensile strength of PVC or rubber — and crush-proof nylon fittings

Self-draining Hose Doesn’t Freeze!

The time-tested Clear Flow™ Flat-to-Round Garden Hose is a self-draining hose that expands when you turn on water and discharges and returns to flat when you turn off the water, making it lightweight, compact and freeze resistant. It’s the premier choice especially during winter as the self-draining hose empties quickly avoiding freezing. It flows in temperatures down to -10°C/14°F without windchill, and is flexible to -30°C/-22°F.

Clear Flow™ is drinking water safe as it is made from flexible polyurethane that is NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) approved for potable water. The expanding material increases the hose diameter during use, for example, 5/8″ ID hose expands to 3/4″ ID during use.

The clear hose material allows UV rays to pass through, making the hose bacteria and algae-growth resistant.

The crush-proof, flexible nylon fittings are also NSF approved. They were selected specifically because they won’t be damaged, even if driven over, and don’t easily conduct cold.

The fact that the hose drains almost all of the water makes it lightweight. In fact, 100 ft of this hose weighs just 5 lbs.
Clear Flow™ works with all standard garden accessories (nozzles, quick-connectors, etc.). All Clear Flow™ materials are 100% recyclable.

These Lightweight Expandable Hoses Work Well Indoors And Outdoors

The lightweight expandable hose is kink free, when you roll and unroll. Water from the hose doesn’t have an annoying taste of rubber. It is available in a variety of sizes- 25, 50, 75 and 100 ft. You can also order custom sizes to meet your needs. The expandable hose 75ft length is popular for homes with large backyards. The hose is packaged in a coil, thus takes up very little space.

The expandable hose review reveals great features that make the Clear Flow™ Garden expandable hose the best. Other types, for instance the retractable garden hose, cannot match up to the standard of the clear flow hose. Extensive research has been done, and an entire decade spent in a bid to create a perfect hose that will meet specific customer needs, solve problems like freezing, kinking, and heavy hoses, be environmentally friendly, and be affordable. The amazing features ranging from being drinking water safe, durable, expandable, keeping algae at bay, among many more make this product the ultimate choice. It comes with a 10 year warranty, since the expandable hose suppliers and manufacturers are confident in their product.