The Appeal of Solar Walkway Outdoor Lights

solar lightHere are some reasons why solar walkway lights are better than regular electricity-powered lights.

For many homeowners, the look of the outdoor space in the property can be just as important as the look of the house inside. And while the home, gardens, and walkways may look great in the daytime, at night there’s nothing much to see.

You need outdoor lights for many reasons. For real estate agents and homeowners selling their home, the curb appeal at night can be a major factor that can help sell a home at the right price. The curb appeal is the impression that a property gives to those who see it from the outside, and a home with curb appeal will make people curios to see what’s inside the home.

There are also safety issues to consider. If you’re taking a walk around the property or perhaps walking the dog, then you need some light so you can find your way around. The lights can also make trespassers more visible, and the lights may even discourage them from trying to break into your home.

outdoor lights

Of course, even if you’re not selling your home it’s only natural you want your property to look nice. This is especially true if you want to impress house guests and neighbors. It’s much less impressive when your guests stumble around in the dark to get to your front door.

For many homeowners these days, the most suitable solution for outdoor illumination is the use of outdoor solar flood lights. You can use solar walkway lights to help guide people along to your front door, and a solar porch light can provide proper illumination for gatherings in your porch.

You can even use solar driveway lights so you know just where to turn from the street and these lights can really help when you’re biking at night. Some of these lights can even work as solar dock lights in marinas to help guide boat owners to their dock.

Here are some reasons why outdoor solar locks are simply the best option:

There’s No Need for Extended Electrical Wires

That can lead to several problems. For one, the wires may be tripped over and thus they present a safety hazard. The lights may also go dark when people disturb the wires. These connections are also not water proof so you can’t just leave them overnight because it might rain.

There’s also aesthetics to consider. With so many wires crisscrossing all over the place they hardly look nice, which is counterproductive with your goal of making your property look better.

They Don’t Consume a Lot of Energy

solar walkway lightsSolar lights are also considered quite an energy saver, because sunlight is essentially free energy. You don’t have to run up your utility bills, nor do you have to keep on buying batteries if you want to avoid having so many wires all over the place.

Part of the energy savings is also due to the use of LED lights. These lights don’t use up a lot of power, and yet they can be very bright. They can be seen from a long way off and they can even be bright enough to use in your porch when you’re lounging about with a good book.

Of course, you’ll want to put the solar panel where the sun can shine on it directly during the day.

They Can Be Inconspicuous During the Day

While some lights may have a great look to them, most of the time the functional lights don’t really have a lot of decorative value to offer during the day. They do well making the things they illuminate look good, but these devices themselves aren’t exactly the height of elegance when it comes to their aesthetic design.

So you have a choice. Either you hunt down solar lights that look good enough during the day, or you pick lights that are small enough so they’re inconspicuous when they’re turned off.

They Can Be Automated

solar outdoor walkway lightsMany solar lights don’t really need you to come out every night to turn them on and every morning to turn them off. That can get very tedious after a week or so. So what you need are lights that can turn themselves on.

Most solar lights have sensors so that they can tell when it’s dark enough to activate the lights automatically. It’s for that reason you want to place these lights away from street lights and house windows where the light may shine on them and fool them into thinking that it’s still day time.

A few solar lights are even sophisticated enough to only offer dim lights when no one’s around. They have motion detectors that can tell when someone’s near so they can turn the lights to the “bright” mode. This saves power as the lights turn bright only when there’s some who needs to find their way around. They can even be used as a security measure, so that you can see when there are people around the house.

Installation Requirements

In some cases, outdoor solar lights are staked to the ground. While this may help with walkways, for porches they don’t really do much good. So what you may need instead is a light you can hang high up.

There are many types of solutions for this. But in some cases there are solar lights which you can simply stick to any surface, such as a stone wall, glass windows, or a wooden door. You won’t even need tools to place them where you want them.

Outdoor Use

Finally, you need a unit which can withstand the rigors of outdoor use. You need a weatherproof unit that can function well even if it’s raining all the time. And you also need unit that won’t malfunction (or melt) during the hot summer days.

By meeting all these requirements, you can be sure that you get full value for your solar lights for the outdoors. Your home looks great, everyone remains safe, and expenses don’t shoot up.