best black neoprene gardening knee pads

What Are The Best Gardening Knee Pads For Work

Sometimes, you need a knee pad with a simple design that will work for multiple situations. It doesn’t matter if you’re working in the greenhouse, in the garden, around the home, or doing some kind of professional labor, these neoprene knee pads are perfect for all your needs. When you’re looking for comfortable, multipurpose knee pads, what you want are Palmate Shells. They’re designed to be worn comfortably on either your bare skin, or over your pants, whichever you find more comfortable.

The Best Gardening Neoprene Knee Pads for Work, Flooring and Your Garden

These knee pads are made from a neoprene material that is water-resistant as well as professional sports-grade. That means they will be delicate on your skin, and they’re not going to bite into the skin of your legs as you kneel down or move around. They’re so great, you’ll be able to use them for nearly any situation. Whether you want them for flooring work, for construction work, for gardening, or something more esoteric such as martial arts or even dancing, these sturdy knee pads will last you for years.

the best gardening knee padsWater Resistant

– Made from a sports grade material, the same material you find wetsuits made from, and designed to be incredibly flexible. High-grade material retains a hydrophobic effect whenever it comes in contact with water, and is constructed by using a tight weave in order to actively repel water.

Thick Foam Padding

– Made from Expanded Polyethylene (EPE), which is a widely used foam specially made to absorb impact. It will also contour to the shape of your knee, providing the softest possible support. EPE is known for having fantastic energy absorption abilities, as well as high strength properties. In addition, it’s light weight and durable, as well as recyclable. And as previously stated, it’s water resistant, as well as resistant to many chemicals and oils.

Double No-Slip Straps

– Uses adjustable velcro straps, so one size truly does fit all. Straps are situated both above and below the knee, in order to minimize slippage.

Palmate designed these knee pads for both comfort and durability. You don’t have to work with pain shooting through your knees. No matter what you have to kneel on, these knee pads will keep you comfortable and protect your joints.