An Innovative Drinking Water Safe Hose


Did you know that the State of California published an Act, known as Proposition 65, which requires commercial entities to list any possible toxic chemicals that may be in their products? Since its enactment, over 800 toxic chemicals have been successfully listed and the shocking part is that some of these chemicals could be lingering at your doorstep.

How well do you trust your garden hose? Do your kids often drink from it? What you didn’t know is the possible drinking from garden hose danger your family is exposed to. Some of the hose fittings used in garden hoses contained traces of harmful chemicals which can lead to chronic diseases overtime.

The Answer is Clear Flow Garden Hose

There is a host of advantages you stand to gain from this product but lets start with the most important one the Clear Flow Garden Hose is a non toxic garden hose. Thats correct! This safe drinking water hose is the best on the market for safety, and is constructed from NSF (Public Health and Safety Organization) approved materials, meaning the components used to build are safe. Each assembled hose is tested at the manufacturing plant by industrial and chemical engineers.


Unlike the normal garden horses that often get tangled into difficult knots, the Clear Flow Garden hose is absolutely kink-free. It sits flat on the ground and totally expandable to boost its performance both indoors and outdoors. It is the kind of non-toxic garden hose you would use on your home garden, workshop, greenhouse or even barn.


Another new feature you would love in this drinking water safe hose is the self-draining properties. Once you are done using the hose, the internal high pressure drains all residual water until the pipe is left completely dry. This prevents any algae or mould build up that is common with conventional hose pipes – not to mention the bad odour that is a by-product of mouldy pipes.

Completely Lightweight

Despite all the fittings of the Clear Flow Garden hose being 100% recyclable, they are quite lightweight in nature as well. This makes the non-toxic garden hose feather weight and easy to move around when working in your garden or mini-workshop. Another benefit of the lightweight material is that they are designed to withstand harsh weather environments thus you are completely safe using the drinking water safe hose in summer or winter.

So if you are looking for a non-leaching, materials tested garden hose that doesn’t kink and is light enough to help you move around easy, the Clear Flow Garden hose is your safe bet right now.